The Vidya Nikethan Central School

The Vidya Nikethan Central Schoolis recognized as a Centre of Excellence in the eld of school education by meeting the challenges of the present & the future. Our aim is to provide “quality education to all” by unlocking the students’ potential and instill determination & self condence through constant eort & encouragement.

Bolts ,Nuts -(Ms,Ht,Ss), Washers, Couplers, Rods, Foundation Bolts, Pipe Bolt , Giu Bolt

Why Vidya Nikethan Central

  • A place to develop skills, concepts, positive attitude and values.
  • Curriculum designed under the guidance of knowledgeable Early Childhood Educators.
  • A well-planned play-based curriculum working towards the achievement of the early learning goals in the Foundation Stage.
  • Hygienic and child-friendly environment.
  • Spacious play area with sandpit and splash pool.
  • Experienced and committed facilitators.
  • Individual Development Records for little learners based on ongoing observations.